Project Ricochet, Inc of North Carolina is a community-based approach to finding practical solutions that assist minority youth who are prone to anti-social and gang affiliated behaviors while discovering positive and productive life-style alternatives. 

In order to accomplish this vision we have created Business Without Walls. The program offers an “Out-of-Classroom Learning” experience. Students learn business concepts, practice skills including negotiation and pricing, and work on completion of business plans for their own individual businesses.   

The goal of the program is to provide life skills training to those who cannot keep employment due to lack of formal training or find employment difficult because of prior criminal records. In this light, Project Ricochet, Inc of North Carolina exists to provide entrepreneurial training and facilitation so clients may provide for themselves and their families. Clients who register in the program will sign a one year contract to the effect that they will work with Project Ricochet, Inc of North Carolina pod businesses to support the function of Project Ricochet, Inc of North Carolina and to educate themselves in employee loyalty and methods of small business management. Each entrepreneur will be paid a wage, by the hour, based on contract yield. The goal of Project Ricochet, Inc of North Carolina administration is to negotiate contracts based on the need to provide livable wages for clients served.

Project Ricochet, Inc of North Carolina conducts seminars offering household financial management skills, business financial planning, small business management, and investment; in conjunction with existing organizations that provide financial services. Financial literacy education is paramount to the success of Project Ricochet, Inc of North Carolina as its sustainability is incumbent on the success of the pod businesses it will create from the talents of the community.

For instance, clients fill out a survey to assess their personality, skills and interests. These clients are grouped with clients with similar entrepreneurial interests. Under the supervision of administrators of Project Ricochet, Inc of North Carolina a pod business is created. Potential pod businesses might be a lawn care service, cleaning service, car cleaning service, dump truck business, moving service, tax service, technology hardware specialists, production media, graphic design services, personal training services, fitness instruction services, tutorial services, catering, child care management, travel agency, real estate, barber/hairdressing services, etc.